Op Shop Charters

Are you someone who loves to ‘shop till you drop’ ?

Do you also have friends who love to shop but don’t want to pay high prices and are keen to find pre-loved and pre-owned clothes and knick knacks? Let Des’s help you put together an itinerary so that you can enjoy a day of visiting Op Shops around the Adelaide Metro area.

We can take you and your group North, South, East or West and allow a stop for a recuperating lunch or afternoon snack to end your day.

Call or email us with details of your group and their destination of choice and we’ll get you there.

A 6 hour charter for a minimum of 13 people will start at $30pp.  Let Des’s take you Op Shopping.  

If you don't have a group willing to shop with you and enjoy meeting new people, call us and we may be able to give you information about Op Shop Charters that are on and looking for more shoppers to join them.

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